mandag 12. mai 2008

.:: Waiting like forever for a new post? HERE IT IS!::.

It has just been to much to do lately!
I just wish i was a lotto millionare,with money in the bank,a new laptop , free days and spare time to scrap,design and hang out with my awesome family! But that isn really reality is it?

You have to work hard to get what you want,you have to make time to hang out with your awesome family and all days are over like the second they started... i guess i am in one of those periods where all time just float togehter, it feels like i havent had a day of for years!

I am sick again,and this time theyre not even sure what it is. So i am home at the moment to recover! Hopefully ill be spinnig again in notime! The good thing is,i finally got some time to design!

As the summer is sneaking upon us, i guess the days will be no shorter and time wont stop fly.. but i promise you more posts in this blog. And more challenges and fun stuff!:)

Hugs and kisses,

søndag 13. april 2008

.::WOOOHOOO,im finally back::.

This has been a long time waiting,but i am finally back!

Due to som sickness,a new job and moving into a new appartment, i havent been able to keep this blog up to date,'nor designing new stuff for my shop!

But i am happy to announce that the hard days has come to an end,and there is a new kit in store from me, packed with the cutest little monsters you have ever seen...

Here's some layouts made with this fun fun kit:

Made by Pia,one of my fab CT members!

Made by me :)

Made by Trille another of my fab CT members!

So what new besides this? I am doodling away on a new kit, wich i think is going to be both fun and romantic! Bright lovely colors and some fun elements, unique aswell,for you to put on your page! :) I will put a preview out here as soon as i get one done!

Hope you all had a great weekend!



mandag 25. februar 2008

.::My new Creative Team::.

I have gotten a couple of more girls on my creative team now,and 2 guest ct's for march! And i am so thrilled to wish Anne Cathrine and Anja welcome as regular members of my team!

I would also like to say welcome to Pam and Merra as my guest ct's for march!
I am looking forewards to work with you all! :)

Started my new job today,and i feel all beat tonight.. but in a good way!
This will just be a short post,as i have some things to do before this day ends!

And just in the end,i'll have to show you my altest kit,coming to the SSS shop tomorrow night:

I called it Beatriz, and i'll post some layouts made with it tomorrow!:)

C'yah girls! :)

fredag 22. februar 2008

.::It's Friday::.

You just gotta love Friday! :)

Our little sweetheart Sofie is going to spend the night at her Grandmother's tonight. I cant deny that i am looking forewards to a little time to our selfes,she is a busy little lady these days! So much fun though, but theres never a quiet moment!

So i think i'll make something good to eat, buy a bootle of wine and make an evening of it!

Its always fun to browse the galleries at DST... it will always show you a handfull and more of real scrapping goodies! I found this one today,made by -eVa-...

isnt it gorgeus? If you take a look at her gallery,you'll see its not the only gorgeus one she's made!
Scrapping is ART,im telling you...
Im working on several new kits at the moment.. im kinda switching between them,as i get new idèas all the time! My creativity is flowing at the moment, and its SO FUN!
Im allso very excited about my CT call.. hoping for good response,but time will show!
Wishing you all a good weekend!

torsdag 21. februar 2008

.:: My very first CT call::.

My very first CT very excited!

Click on the image to

onsdag 20. februar 2008

.::Somethings coming your way::.

Its new and its fresh,and i have really put my every dream for a beautifying kit into this..

Its perfect,I think, for those beauty layouts. Maybe you went to the Spa with some girlfriends,had a Hen-night before your big wedding, getting all styled up on the morning of your wedding or maybe you just took a gorgeus photo of a friend or yourself?

Here's the kit to scrap the photos with:
I have called it "Lotions & Potions"
I guess i got inspired by Rachael Ray,'cause she always says that "Im all about the lotions'n'potions...couldn't be a nip'n'tucker,'cause i hate needles...." LOL:) So thanks Rachael!
Here's a couple of layouts made with it:
Heres a good friend of mine when she was getting all styled before her wedding. I was given the great honour of beeing the photographer! :)
And here's me... LOL:) Those are NOT my real eyelashes, but there's a pair of fake ones in the kit ;)
The kit will be in store on Friday :)

.::New kits in store::.

I have been working on these for a while now and its my pleasure to introduce to you

Adrian & Adele